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Lifting Kettlebells


Achieve the results you want in the

most efficient, timely and safe manner with our accomplished trainers, specialized fitness equipment and state-of-the-art recovery options.


Turning Point is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and is the perfect environment to begin or further your fitness journey. As a member, you’ll enjoy many features including: Balance, speed and agility equipment, strong man training equipment, power racks with Olympic platforms, free weights, kettle bells, gymnastic equipment, monkey bars, padded indoor turf, and much more.​


Group Fitness

45-60 minute training sessions where the focus is on results-driven, science-based training techniques. Our group fitness programs include: strength and conditioning, training camps, prenatal and postnatal training, fitness show prep and sport specific training.

Semi-Private Training

​Our semi-private or small group training guarantees an athlete-to-coach ratio of no more than 5:1. This option is great for clients who want to follow an individualized program based on their goals as well as the results of an initial one-on-one assessment.

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Nutrition Services

Turbo boost your fitness results with our creative, dynamic, and responsible approach to healthy eating.  With an extensive range of industry experience, our in-house nutritionist will help you achieve all of your goals fitness goals the healthy way.

Fitness Recovery

Effective training, proper nutrition and recovery go hand in hand. Our sister company, Athlete Oasis, offers state-of-the-art recovery technology and customized wellness services so that our athletes are able to recover more rapidly after training.

"I joined Turning Point in 2014, with little to no experience in the world of weight lifting. Within months, the Turning Point team pushed me toward goals I never thought I could achieve. I earned two Pro cards at my first fitness competition ever, and placed top 5 at all national competitions afterward with the help of these outstanding trainers. Their expertise in the fitness industry excels beyond measure, but their dedication to helping clients look and feel their best is what truly makes this gym so unique."

Kelsie Kloepfer


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