Welcome to Turning Point!

Turning Point is a 6,000-sq. ft. facility that focuses on natural, functional, and groundbreaking fitness training. You’ll have access to equipment that no other gym has available in the Albuquerque area. 

The perfect environment to begin or further your fitness journey

At Turning Point, you’ll enjoy features including:

  • Balance, speed and agility equipment

  • Strong man training equipment

  • Power racks with Olympic platforms

  • Eleiko Olympic bumper weights

  • Gymnastic equipment

  • Padded indoor turf

  • Far infrared sauna 

  • Concept Rower

  • InBody

  • Glute Builder

  • Monkey Bars

  • Specialized lifting bars

  • Keiser cable machines

  • Free weights

  • Kettle Bells

  • Tires and sledge hammers

  • Jacob's Ladder

  • Bathrooms with showers

  • Wingate Bike

  • Hip Thruster

  • TrueForm Runner

  • Log Press

Contact Us

5620 San Francisco Rd. NE

Suite C and D

Albuquerque, NM 87109


Tel: 505-270-6941

Strength & Conditioning - Semi-Privates - Camps - Team Training - Prenatal & Postnatal training - Show Prep - Sport Specific Training 

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5620 San Francisco Rd. NE

Ste C and D

Albuquerque, NM 87109